July 3, 2015  Belgrade, Serbia


CIG organized a new session of the Regional Forum of Southwestern Serbia/Sandzak. The session was the fourth consecutive roundtable of the Forum devoted to the process of European integration of Serbia. Members discussed creation of the government’s special action plan for national minorities in Serbia, as a part of the Chapter 23 pre-accession negotiations. Detailed remarks on this subject were given by Dr. Tanja Miscevic, the Head of Serbia’s Negotiating team with the EU, Dr. Goran Basic, Director of Institute of Social Sciences and Milan Antonijevic, Coordinator of the Group for Chapter 23 of Serbia’s National Convent on the EU. The speakers informed the members of the Forum about the process of preparation of the special action plan for minorities and its implications for the process of negotiations, how to use the negotiation process to stimulate the reform of minority-related policies in Serbia and how the civil society can help the process of EU negotiations. Participants raised the necessity of organizing local debates in the region about the special action plan and other aspects of Chapters 23 and 24. The Forum also concluded that it should engage with the National Convent as a useful tool for helping and influencing the process of Serbia’s EU negotiations. A detailed report from these discussions is available in Serbian below.

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