March 15, 2017  Novi Pazar, Serbia

Recommendations on Introducing Intercultural Education in Serbia

The Council for Inclusive Governance (CIG) initiated the debate with Serbia’s national minorities about the implementation of intercultural education (ICE) in Serbia through debates of the Regional Forum in 2016-2017. The Regional Forum is a regional platform that CIG has developed since 2011 in the Southwestern Serbia/Sandzak, which is the result of projects that CIG has implemented with the support of the Foundation for an Open Society (FOS) and earlier with the support of the British Foreign Office. The Regional Forum is a multiethnic and multi-confessional informal body for policy and political dialogue. It gathers Bosnjaks, Serbs and others, representatives of Sandzak’s municipalities, political parties, civil society and the media from the region. All participants take part in the Forum in their personal capacities. In the five years of its work, the Regional Forum took up a range of important topics for both the region and for the whole of Serbia. It was logical for this body to also address the issue of implementation of ICE in Serbia.

In 2016-2017, CIG has organized four sessions of the Regional Forum dedicated to the issues of interethnic integration and education. Three of these sessions were focused on the issue of implementation of ICE in Serbia. In addition, CIG organized a introductory focus group which was used for mapping out the key issues related to ICE and its implementation, as well as an expert session which was used to review the draft recommendations made by the Regional Forum. The final result of the above mentioned activities are the recommendations for the implementation of IKO in Serbia which are presented here in English and in Serbian.

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