June 5, 2019  Bucharest, Romania


On June 5, 2019, in Bucharest, Romania, CIG President Alex Roinishvili Grigorev took part in a panel organized by the Roundtable on Ethnic Relations at the Romanian National School for Political Studies and Administration (SNSPA). The School trains future diplomats, public servants, and policy makers in Romania. A significant number of Romanian ambassadors graduated from SNSPA. CIG President joined  Allen H. Kassof, President Emeritus of the Project on Ethnic Relations,  Eniko Lacziko, Secretary of State and the Head of the Department for Interethnic Relations of the Government of Romania, Viorel Hrebenciuc, former Secretary General of the Government of Romania and Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania, Laszlo Borbely, former Minister in the Romanian Government and Vice President of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, Vladimir Ionas, President of the Roundtable on Ethnic Relations, Johnathan Rickert, former senior U.S. diplomat, Stefano Bianchini, Professor at the University of Bologna, and Larry Watts, Senior Consultant at the Roundtable on Ethnic Relations.  CIG President spoke about the reasons for the current stalemate in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and how to reset the Kosovo-Serbia peace process.

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