• Regional Roundtable of Political Parties of the Western Balkans
  • Facilitating Normalization of Relations Between Serbia and Kosovo
  • Kosovo-Serbia Conflict: Comprehensive Normalization and Kosovo Serb Integration
  • Normalization of Relations between Kosovo and Serbia
  • Democratic Development in Kosovo
  • Minority Integration and EU Enlargement
  • Normalization of Kosovo-Serbia Relations and Integration of Kosovo‚Äôs North
  • Training of a New Generation of Researchers in the Field of Interethnic Relations
  • Promoting Inclusive and Responsible Governance in Sandzak
  • Finding Solutions for Kosovo’s North
  • Strengthening Balkan Regional Security by Resolving Remaining Disputes
  • Promoting Inclusion of Kosovo Serbs in Policymaking
  • Fostering Constructive Dialogue in Serbia’s Sandzak
  • The Serb Community in Kosovo: Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Future of the Serb Community in Kosovo

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